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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (10-16 AUG): The output has dropped sharply

This week, according to Antaike’s research, as of August 13, China’s alumina spot index was RMB 2,591/ton, and the national average alumina price was RMB 2,912/ton. The increase in alumina prices means that the production cost of white corundum will increase.

Affected by the continuous increase in the price of raw material alumina, the price of white corundum blocks rose slightly. Although the price of white corundum blocks has risen, most of the downstream clients refuse to accept the price increase, and the white fused alumina manufacturers temporarily hold their quotations. It is expected that in the coming week, given the rising production costs and tight supply, most white fused alumina manufacturers may raise the prices.

This week, under the influence of the power rationing implement at the peak load in summer, the operating rate of brown fused alumina industry has decreased, while the market inventories are low, and some products are out of stock. Although most brown fused alumina companies have no inventory and intend to increase their product prices, as downstream clients are resolute in opposing price increases, the brown fused alumina prices have to continue to run steadily. It is expected that in the coming week, the price of brown fused alumina will remain firm, but the possibility of price increases may appear at any time.

This week, because the current raw material anthracite prices continue to run at a high level, and the electricity price in Gansu Province has been at a high level of RMB 0.42/kWh since mid-July, most black silicon carbide manufacturers intend to maintain product prices stable due to cost support. It is expected that in the coming week, the price of black silicon carbide may still show a steady trend

Since the price of petroleum coke has remained at a high level of around RMB 3200/ton since the end of July, and the price of raw materials remains high, most green silicon carbide manufacturers tend to maintain price stability and refuse to reduce the price. It is expected that the price of green silicon carbide may remain firm in the coming week.

5. Power supply in Henan, Guizhou, and Shandong is tight in summer

This week, following the rise in electricity prices, some industrial parks in Henan have recently begun to implement electricity rationing measures, and some brown fused alumina manufacturers have suspended production. At the same time, the electricity rationing measures in Guizhou Province have not been lifted, and the local brown fused alumina production has also been affected. The current brown fused alumina market supply is tightening.

In addition, the electricity rationing measures in Shandong Province have not been lifted, and only a few white fused alumina manufacturers maintain production. In Henan Province, except for some local white fused alumina manufacturers in Sanmenxia that maintain a small amount of production, enterprises in Yichuan and Xingyang have all stopped production to varying degrees. The output of white fused alumina has dropped sharply and the inventory is reduced.

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