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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (22-28 Feb): Black Silicon Carbide Price Starts to Increase

Due to the stable price of raw material alumina and production costs, most white fused alumina manufacturers plan to keep prices stable. It is expected that in the coming week, China's white fused alumina prices may remain stable.

This week, as most of the brown fused alumina production companies held stable prices, the market price of brown fused alumina in China remained unchanged. In addition, in view of the stable domestic prices, China's brown fused alumina export prices have also remained unchanged this week.

This week, due to the increase in production costs caused by rising electricity costs, black silicon carbide manufacturers raised their quotations. Although downstream customers do not accept price increases, local black silicon carbide manufacturers are still optimistic and reluctant to sell goods.

A local production company in Gansu Province also revealed that since the electricity price has risen since the beginning of this year and the production cost has been higher than the selling price, we are unwilling to deliver products. They said that they have planned to stop production from the beginning of next month and claimed that most production factories in Gansu Province plan to suspend production due to rising electricity price. Therefore, they expect the price of black silicon carbide to rise in the coming week.

This week, as most of the green silicon carbide manufacturers in China still stop production and most downstream customers have not yet returned to the market, the price of green silicon carbide remained stable. In addition, in view of the stable domestic green silicon carbide prices, green silicon carbide export prices have also remained stable this week.

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