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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (25th-31st Jan): There is limited stock in the market

According to Antaike's alumina price index on January 29, alumina spot price was 2395 RMB/ton, and the national average alumina price was 2586 yuan/ton, which both increased slightly compared to last week.

Due to the red warning of heavy pollution weather, many places in Henan Province have implemented environmental protection control. Most of the local white fused alumina production enterprises implemented limited production stop control on January 22, and resumed production after January 28. Affected by this, China's white fused alumina enterprises have limited stocks, and it is expected that the price of white fused alumina may remain stable in the next week.

This week, the supply of brown fused alumina in China is still tight. Some companies said they would insist on production during the Spring Festival to complete the order contract. In addition, supported by production costs, the price of brown corundum has remained firm. However, considering that during the Spring Festival, some bauxite mines will stop mining and the supply will become tight, which may further affect the price of brown fused alumina. It is expected that the market price of brown fused alumina may be stable and strong in the near future.

This week, due to rising electricity price, black silicon carbide production costs have risen, but manufacturers intend to maintain the price of black silicon carbide stable, so it is expected that the price of black silicon carbide will remain stable in the short term.

This week, as most green silicon carbide manufacturers have stopped production, the price of green silicon carbide has remained stable. It is expected that before March, the price of green silicon carbide may run smoothly.

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