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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (5th -11th August): Factories Told To Halt Production

From August 15th, some abrasive factories in Xinmi, Gongyi and Xiangyang area of Henan Province received notice of suspension of production and are expected to stop production until mid-September. In addition, the white fused alumina smelting manufacturers in Liaocheng district of Shandong Province have also been suspended for two weeks. Overall, the market spot supply is not sufficient. It is expected that in the coming week, due to factors such as the decline in white fused alumina production and tight supply, the price of white fused alumina will remain stable.

This week, due to production costs, China's brown fused alumina market price remains at a high level, and brown fused alumina producers are not willing to cut prices. But at the same time, we also noticed that after entering August, the brown fused alumina domestic and foreign markets were weak, and the downstream procurement demand in the industry was sluggish, which also brought inventory pressure to some brown fused alumina producers. It is expected that in the coming week, the pressure of China's brown fused alumina production enterprises from the market downturn will gradually increase, and the price of brown fused alumina will be weak and stable.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

In mid-July, the central environmental protection inspection team looked back at the Gansu area, so that about 10 local black silicon carbide manufacturers were temporarily suspended. It has been more than a month since. Affected by this, the supply of black silicon carbide in China is slightly tight, which has pushed the price of black silicon carbide market to rise slightly by RMB 100/ton (USD 14.19/ton).

However, Gansu environmental protection inspection has ended on August 12, and the relevant staff of the Central Environmental Protection Group will be evacuated. Some manufacturers in Gansu are preparing to resume production. The market supply will be eased at the end of August. Therefore, it is expected that China Black will be in the coming week. The price of silicon carbide will remain stable.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, China's green silicon carbide market demand is stable overall, production companies have stable delivery of cargo, and inventory pressure is also small, so it is expected that the price of China's green silicon carbide block will continue to be stable in the coming week. In addition, the market demand for some specifications of green silicon carbide micropowder is still strong, the spot supply is slightly tight, and the market price is firm.

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