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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (6th-12th January): Henan Issue Orange Pollution Alerts


From 11:30 on January 13th, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Xuchang, and Kaifeng of Henan Province successively issued orange warnings for severely polluted weather. It is expected that in the next 24 hours, moderate to severe haze will occur in most areas of the province.

Subsequently, the Henan Meteorological Observatory continued to issue orange warnings for road freezing at 11:45. It is expected that road surface temperatures below 0 ° C will occur in Anyang, Liyang, northern Sanmenxia and western parts of Zhengzhou in the next 24 hours. The affected roads are frozen.

Under the dual effects of warning for severely polluted weather and for road icing, it will once again have an adverse impact on the normal production and logistics of abrasive enterprises in Henan Province.

This week, some white fused alumina production enterprises in Henan Province resumed production on a small scale after the orange warning of severely polluted weather was lifted, but most of them focused on delivery of signed contracts. With the approach of the Spring Festival holiday, the enthusiasm of downstream abrasives companies for stocking has decreased, and most abrasives companies have completed a small amount of replenishment for stocks in the past month, and the market transactions are relatively deserted. In terms of international markets, European and American countries and Japan have gradually returned to the market after the holidays, and white fused alumina export orders have increased slightly. It is expected that the market price of white fused alumina in China will keep running smoothly in the coming week.

This week, because the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, most of the domestic and foreign downstream abrasive tools companies have also completed the stock purchase before the Spring Festival. It is expected that market transactions will further decrease in the next two weeks. In addition, many places in Henan Province will be followed by a new round of orange warning of severely polluted weather on January 13. Most brown fused alumina production companies have started issuing holiday notices or suspended production in advance.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

Due to the weak market demand before the Spring Festival, some black silicon carbide manufacturers in Ningxia have suspended production from January 13, about one week earlier than the originally expected holiday date, and the date of resumption of production after the holiday must be determined based on market conditions. During the holiday shutdown, supply will be based on stock shipments.

Because the stock preparation of downstream enterprises has basically ended, the market transaction is expected to be very deserted in the last week before the holiday. At the same time, because black silicon carbide manufacturers will suspend production, it is expected that the market price of black silicon carbide products in China will remain stable in the next week.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

Although the market price of green silicon carbide raw blocks has fallen in the past two weeks, the current price of green silicon carbide abrasive companies intends to keep prices high, so the market prices remain firm.

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