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Fused Alumina Zirconia

This is a new environmentally friendly blue monocrystalline (single crystal) alumina that conforms to the national industrial policy. Its main raw material is alumina, which produces blue single crystal abrasives, providing super hard resistant and grinding new materials for abrasives and machine tools industry. Single crystal alumina has the advantages of both brown and white fused alumina. It is a single-particle spherical crystal with numerous cutting edge and strong crushing resistance. It is suitable for material grinding of high hardness and toughness, such as stainless steel, high-vanadium steel and high-speed steel, especially for the grinding and processing of easily transformed and burned workpiece.

Typical chemical analysis (Grit 60)

Bulk Density (g/cm3)


Fused Alumina Zirconia is a type of eutectic composition produced by melting alumina and Zirconia at about 2000 ℃ temperature in an electric arc furnace followed by cooling of the motion product. The very fine and homogenous microstructure of this materials provides high toughness but also excellent self sharpening properties. 


JTC offers two products ranges of AZ25 and AZ40.

Fused Alumina Zirconia-AZ25 & AZS25

AZ25 is a dense, durable material frequently used to produce heavy-duty bonded abrasives.


AZS25 is extremely tough and hard with blocky shape and is re-shaped based on the original AZF25 material. It is frequently used for producing extra-duty bonded abrasives for steel conditioning industry.




AZF25 Typical Uses

Heavy Duty Bonded Abrasives

  • Large diameter Cut-Off Wheels

  • Hot-Cutting operations

  • High pressure rough grinding operation

  • Hot-pressed wheels

  • Rail grinding operations (high force)

  • Blasting

AZS25 Typical Uses

Extra Duty Bonded Abrasives

  • Cut-Off Wheels

  • Pressure blasting

  • Hot-Cutting operations

  • high pressure rough grinding operation

  • Hot-pressed wheels

  • Rail grinding operations (high force)

Fused Alumina Zirconia-AZ40 F Grade & AZ40 Extra Blocky & AZ40 P Grade

AZ40-F grade products are specifically engineered for bonded abrasives. From rough, organic-bonded abrasives to precise, vitrified-bonded abrasives, JCT offers a wide range of products that can be customized to suit various needs. AZ40-F Grade products vow to increase material removal rates and to extend usability without sacrificing beautiful finishes.


AZ40-F Extra Blocky is extremely tough and hard with blocky shape and is re-shaped based on the original AZ40 F grade material.

AZ40-P grade products are specifically engineered for coated abrasives. While traditional abrasives dull or break at the bonding point, JCT’s AZ40-P Grade abrasives have unique fracture properties that offer microscopic precision in performance and efficient ability in high speed cutting action. These grains do not only improve the overall cutting experience, but they also extend the usability of your sandpapers, belts, or flap discs.





   AZ40 F-grade Bonded Abrasives

  • Cutting stainless steel

  • Cutting high alloys steel types

  • High pressure rough grinding and snagging

  • Snagging of alloyed steel castings

  • Large diameter cut off wheels

  • Steel Conditioning

  • ID & OD Grinding

  • Centerless Grinding

  • Disc Grinding

  • Segments

  • Track Grinding

AZ40 P-grade Coated Abrasives

• Sanding of stainless steel types (e.g. Cr-Ni steel)

• Machining of high alloyed steel types under heavy duty conditions

• Sanding of parquet floors

• Belts

• Flap disc

• Vulcanized fiber discs

Fused Alumina Zirconia
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