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Tabular Alumina

Tabular Alumina (TA) is a kind of α-Al2O3 material which is rapidly sintered by high temperature shaft kiln then by rapid cooling. It has the characteristics of low open porosity and large crystals with closed spherical pores which are trapped upon re-crystallization during rapid sintering. Tabular alumina is of high refractoriness, excellent thermal shock resistant, fantastic anti-creeping and anti-stripping performance. As the essential refractory raw material finally applied in iron and steel industry, it is most widely used in the refractory castables ladles, precastings as porous bricks, seating bricks, sliding nozzles, ladle stoppers. As the primary choice of refractory raw materials, it is also widely used in a variety of industries such as foundry, petrochemical, ceramic and incineration.

Typical Value

Granule Specification (mm) : 5-10, 3-6, 1-3, 0-1,0.5-1, 0-0.5, 0.2-0.6

Powder Specification (μm): -45μm(-325 mesh), -30μm (-500 mesh)