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Violet Fused Alumina


Violet Fused Alumina is fused from high quality alumina powder with titanium and chromium in electric arc furnace. VA has a violet color appearance and great hardness and toughness. Its good impact resistance and sharp cutting edge make the grinding performance far superior to white fused alumina and pink fused alumina, which is similar to single crystal fused alumina. The grinding tools made of violet fused alumina have good self-sharpening, strong grinding force, less heat generation, excellent shape retention, less correction times and long service life. It is suitable for hard and tough metal materials, such as stainless steel, high vanadium high-speed steel, heat-resistant alloy steel, heat-sensitive steel and workpieces that are easy to deform and burn. It is also suitable for precision grinding and forming mill of various tools, gauges and instrument parts. Considering the cost of Violet abrasives, it is recommended for the grinding of heat-resistant alloy steel, heat-sensitive steel, and difficult-to-grind metal materials.




  • For hard and tough metal material and workpieces that are easy to deform and burn

  • Precision grinding and forming mill of tools, gauges and instrument parts

Violet Fused Alumina
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