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Ceramic Abrasive Grain


Ceramic abrasive grain is a brand new structure ceramics material with less than 1 µm crystal grain size, and applied in the fields of bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and other special abrasive tools, which has much higher performance than fused alumina abrasive in the specification of hardness, strength, toughness and friability etc. Its grain containing hundred thousand and even ten million of alumina micro crystals instead of only a few crystals in the grain of the fused alumina abrasive, and its microcrystals falling off accordingly in the grinding process, that’s why ceramic abrasive grain can multiply increase the life and efficiency of the abrasive tools and have the advantages of machining accuracy and cool cutting as well.

We have produced three product ranges and micro-powder, including BSG and WSG. BSG (blue) has stacked nanosheet structure, which can satisfy requirements of physical specifications in difference applications. WSG has polyhedron structure,which can multiply increase the service life and efficiency of the abrasive tools.

BSG: Blue Sol Gel Abrasive Grain




WSG: White Sol Gel Abrasive Grain

White Sol Gel Abrasive Grain-WSG.jpg
Ceramic Abrasive Grain
  • Hard metal alloy with high strength

  • Vitrified bond, resin bond

  • Surface grinding, form grinding, roll grinding, worm grinding and internal grinding (hole and inner raceway etc.)

  • Coated abrasives, resin bond thin disc



  • Large feeding force, deep cutting processing and high power machinery

  • Vitrified bond

  • Hard brittle material

  • Cylindrical grinding, form grinding, surface grinding

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