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Ceramic Coated White Fused Alumina Introduction

Abrasive tools are basically responsible for the entire grinding process with a single layer of abrasive grains during grinding. After the abrasive grain particles wear or fall off, there is no backup abrasive grain particles to continue the role of grinding, so a limited number of grinding grains are particularly important. It is important to prevent the shedding of abrasive grains and improve the grinding effect of each grain for the abrasive tools’ researchers and manufacturers.

Ceramic coated white fused alumina is a new type of abrasive material formed by calcining and coating white fused alumina at the temperature of 1050℃. It retains the sharpness of white fused alumina, but improves its toughness, melts the dark lines in the particles, and improves the resistance to crushing. The package of salt and ceramic material increases its bonding performance. The cutting blades made by it are further improved in sharpness and durability.

What is the manufacturing technique of ceramic coated white fused alumina?

(1) First prepare high-quality white fused alumina as the raw materials, clean and dry it.

(2) Then, mix the white corundum raw material, the composite adhesive and the electro-oxidizing oxidant medium in proportion and stir them uniformly until the outer surface of the white fused alumina can be evenly coated with a layer of electro-oxidizing oxidant medium, and the mixed material is made.

(3) The mixture material is dried at 100-200 degrees Celsius.

(4) The dried mixture material is calcined at a high temperature of 1150-1200 degrees Celsius for 60-100 minutes.

(5) The calcined material is cooled to normal temperature.

(6) The cooled materials are screened by magnetic separation to remove impurities and package the finished materials.

The ceramic coated white fused alumina produced by the process can improve the ball milling toughness. After production and use by customers, the ceramic coated abrasive has an improved ball milling toughness performance by around 20% to 40% compared with ordinary white fused alumina. The coarser the particle size, the more obvious the increase in toughness of the ball milling toughness value, thereby increasing the service life of the grinding tool; reducing the burnt of the processed workpiece, the abrasive tool produced by using ceramic coated white fused alumina does not burn the workpiece when cutting the workpiece, and improves the cutting efficiency.

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