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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (15th -21st April): BFA Price Predicted To Drop

This week, due to the tight supply of the market, China's white fused alumina price is running smoothly. The white smelting enterprises in Henan Province all produced normally, but the white fused alumina smelting enterprises in the Liaocheng area of ​​Shandong were shut down again due to the faulty maintenance of the power supply unit. The shortage of the white fused alumina market in China is difficult to change in the short term. On Friday (April 18), the average price of alumina in the Chinese market was USD 396.89-403.33/ton of cash, which was nearly USD 7.44/ton from last weekend. It is expected that in the next week, if the price of alumina in China further rebounds, the market price of white fused alumina may increase again.

This week, affected by the downward adjustment of value-added tax, more and more brown fused alumina production enterprises have received the price reduction requirements explicitly proposed by downstream enterprises. However, the supply of raw materials for bauxite is difficult to find, and the price is still rising. Many brown fused alumina enterprises are not willing to accept the price reduction request easily. At present, the upstream and downstream of the industry are in the stage of waiting and negotiation, and the market price of brown corundum is in a dilemma. It is expected that in the coming week, most of the brown fused alumina production enterprises will stick to the price, and a small number of enterprises may accept the price reduction requirements of up to USD 7.44/ton.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

This week, the price of China's black silicon carbide block was weak. Affected by the weak downstream demand, the inventory of black silicon carbide original block production enterprises is slowly increasing in the past month, and the market transaction price is also showing signs of slight loosening. But in general, the current enterprise inventory pressure is not large, so it is expected that the price of China's black silicon carbide block will be weak and steady in the coming week.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, green silicon carbide price continued to stabilize. A green silicon carbide production company in Xinjiang has resumed production for half a month, and a small number of products have been shipped, and the market supply has also eased slightly. It is expected that the price of green silicon carbide original block, granular sand and fine powder will continue to run at a steady state in the coming week.

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