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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (22-28 JAN): Alumina prices may show a steady upward trend

The price change of corundum in January was mainly due to the sudden surge in raw material alumina prices. The alumina price in Henan in January increased RMB 291/ton compared with December, while the price increase in Shandong was RMB 206/ton.

This change made several white corundum enterprises suspended quoting, and downstream customers were more cautious in purchasing. As it is near the Spring Festival, some enterprises choose to stop production, and the market activity has decreased significantly. It is expected that the white corundum market will enter a stagnant state in February, with limited turnover. Affected by this, alumina prices may show a steady upward trend, and the cost of white corundum will remain at a high level, forming a certain support for white fused alumina prices.


Brown corundum market upward trend continues since December 2023. In the meantime, the rise in white fused alumina prices has driven brown fused alumina to follow. Due to the strict safety inspections led by recent coal mine accidents, coupled with Spring Festival holiday, part of the mining enterprises started the holiday in advance, causing the increasingly tense supply in bauxite, and therefore the production cost is high.

The price trend of black silicon carbide was stable in January. However, due to the weak demand, some enterprises chose to stop production. It is expected that production of black silicon carbide in February may decline further.


The overall green silicon carbide market in January was stable. From the production point of view, the green silicon market trading fluctuations are relatively limited.


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