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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (2-8 Nov): BFA spot supply tightens

Entering the fourth quarter, especially as the limited heating season approaches, various parts of northern China have successively introduced environmental protection policies. In Henan Province, the tightening of environmental protection policies is particularly obvious. In the main production areas of brown fused alumina such as Yichuan, Dengfeng, and Sanmenxia, companies frequently stop production. As the spot supply decreases, the market trading activity has improved.

Due to the coming of the limited heating season and stricter mine control, the supply of high-grade bauxite raw ore continues to be tight. Most of the mature bauxite manufacturers are unable to produce high-grade mature bauxite. The spot market for high-grade mature bauxite is still tight. This week, the price of high-grade cooked bauxite in China remained stable.

In addition, due to the recovery of overseas market demand, the performance of China's brown fused alumina export market has further recovered in the past week.

Overall, since the beginning of this year, China's brown fused alumina market has continued to be sluggish, and corporate operating pressure has been relatively high. Although the number of companies currently restricted to stop production has increased and the spot supply has decreased, the overall boost to the market is still limited, and prices have failed to follow the rise. The industry price is expected to run steadily.

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