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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (24-30 Aug): The prices of graphite electrodes may rebound

This week, as the raw material alumina price continued to be stable, the domestic white fused alumina price also remained stable. In addition, according to sources, with the recent two consecutive months of industrial output growth in Japan and South Korea, the market has shown signs of recovery. Therefore, the price of China’s white fused alumina exported to the Japanese market may rebound slightly, with an increase of about USD 5/ton.

A month ago, large-scale of ordinary power graphite electrode manufacturers reduced inventories, resulting in a decline in current supply, so this week the price of ordinary power graphite electrodes with diameters of 400mm and 960mm rose by about RMB 400/ton.

This week, most of the brown fused alumina production enterprises in China continued to reduce or stop production, and their sales also focused on consuming inventory. It is expected that in the coming week, supported by strong raw material costs, China's brown fused alumina abrasive prices may hold firm.

This week, although the market demand for black silicon carbide abrasives in China is weak, the transaction is relatively stable, and the manufacturers continue to maintain prices stability.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on August 24, the price of anthracite (washed block, volatile content ≤ 8%) is RMB 840/ton, an increase of RMB 5/ton or 0.6% from the previous period.

This week, domestic green silicon carbide companies have no intention to adjust product prices, and product prices continue to remain stable.

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