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China Corundum Price Weekly Analysis (14th January-20th January)

This week, 90% white fused alumina smelting enterprises in Henan and Shandong areas still remain closed. The spot market of white fused alumina is hard to find. It is expected that the price of white fused alumina will continue to run at a high level due to tight supply in the coming week.

This week, due to the increasing pressure on environmental supervision in Henan Province, the brown fused alumina smelting enterprises in the area still maintain a high rate of stoppage. It is unlikely to resume production before the Spring Festival. The inventory of enterprises has dropped sharply, and the supply of brown fused alumina is tight. The product price is running at a high level.

Compared with Henan, the environmental protection facilities of the bauxite calcining kiln in Guizhou area have basically reached the standard, and the environmental protection pressure is not obvious, but the main problem is the shortage of high-grade bauxite ore and the increase of environmental cost of calcined bauxite, the price of brown fused alumina from cooked minerals will inevitably rise. At present, it can be seen whether the brown fused alumina production enterprises can digest the cost increase caused by the above factors in other aspects, otherwise the price of brown corundum will definitely rise again.

Black Silicon Carbide

This week, environmental protection supervision in Tianzhu District of Gansu Province has surged. The local black silicon carbide production enterprises have almost completely stopped production, and the date of resumption of production cannot be clearly defined. As a result, the number of market inquiry has increased significantly. Market participants predict that less than two weeks ago, and the market demand is weak, so the price may not increase significantly before the year, but the price will inevitably rise after the year, the increase may be as high as 300-500 yuan / ton.

Green Silicon Carbide

This week, the two domestic green silicon carbide production enterprises have stopped production on the Chinese New Year holiday on January 15. The green silicon carbide original block market has entered the market gap period. The supply of green silicon carbide original block market is tight, and the price of green silicon carbide granular sand is near. In the past two weeks, it has risen by about 300 yuan / ton. However, considering the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, it is expected that the price of green silicon carbide products will remain stable in the coming week.

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