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Pink Fused Alumina versus White Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina

There is one kind of abrasive grain in alumina oxide family, which has a rose red color, is called pink fused alumina. This beautiful appearance comes from the add of chrome oxide (<0.5% Cr2O3) in the smelting process. When more chrome oxide is added (<2% Cr2O3), the materials show a deep pink color, then we get ruby fused alumina. The chrome oxide component produces an increase in toughness compared with white fused alumina, and also enhances its grinding capacity.

different content of chrome oxide results in different color depth
pink fused alumina vs ruby fused alumina

The hardness of pink fused alumina is close to that of white fused alumina, its toughness is higher than that of white fused alumina, but lower than that of brown fused alumina, and its grinding efficiency is also higher than that of white fused alumina. The abrasive tools made of pink fused alumina has excellent durability and high processing cleanness.

Due to the feature of good toughness, high hardness and strong grinding efficiency, pink fused alumina has a higher processing efficiency than that of white fused alumina when used for processing tough materials. Pink fused alumina is suitable for manufacturing vitrified abrasives for working hardened steels and alloys with tensile strengths of over 50 kg/mm². It is also used in tool grinding, saw and knife-sharpening applications, precision grinding, profile grinding, flute grinding, tooth grinding, dry grinding of blade segments and mounted points/ wheels.

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