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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (12-18 JUN): Prices under pressure from weak demand

This week, the price of white corundum in China continued to weaken due to the decline in the price of raw material alumina. As the downstream market demand has not improved significantly, the competition is getting fierce, it is expected that in the coming week, the price of white fused alumina will continue to run weakly and steadily.

Under the pressure of high cost and low profit, more of bauxite producers in Shanxi have recently suspended production, while the prices of high-grade bauxite raw ore and calcined bauxite remain high and firm. Supported by the cost, brown fused alumina prices is expected to keep stable.

This week, China's black silicon carbide prices have stopped falling, and it is expected that in the coming week, black silicon carbide prices will continue to run stable.

This week, commodity prices ushered in the biggest increase since Spring Festival, with several varieties rose by more than 5% during the week. As China is shifting into stimulus mode to try and bolster its economic recovery, the market atmosphere is clearly warming up. To cope with the fluctuations in raw material prices, China's green silicon carbide enterprises strive to stabilize the current product prices, it is expected that in the coming week, China's green silicon carbide prices will run smoothly.

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