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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (15-21 MAY): Suppliers reduced production to firm up prices

This week, in order to firm up the current price of white fused alumina, some manufacturers intended to reduce the production capacity. With the gradual decline in market inventory, white fused alumina prices stabilized. In addition, due to the stable price of raw material alumina, it is expected that in the coming week, China's white fused alumina prices will continue to run smoothly.

China's high-grade bauxite raw ore resources remained in tight supply, leading the prices continue to maintain high, supported by this, price of high-grade calcines bauxite are also relatively firm. Despite the downstream demand is slow to recover, supported by the high cost of production, China's brown fused alumina price is expected to remain stable in the short term.

After experiencing a significant price reduction, as well as the weakening of downstream demand, some o black silicon carbide producers began to rationally reduce production this week. With inventory gradually consumed, black silicon carbide prices or enter a short-term period of relative stability.

Since May Day holiday, the domestic petroleum coke market has been affected by the downstream replenishment and continued to maintain the upward trend. At present, the overall market trend remains good, affected by the maintenance factor, the domestic petroleum coke supply has decreased, although the port inventory is still at a high level, the inflow of goods into the market is limited. In addition, the domestic downstream demand is recovering gradually, petroleum coke market overall transaction is in a mild situation. Supported by the trend of raw material prices, China's green silicon carbide prices will be in stable operation.

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