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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (18th -24th Nov): High Cost And Low Operating Rate Raise Price

1. White Fused Alumina

This week, due to the downturn of demand in the terminal market, the transaction in China's white fused alumina market continued to be deserted. Industry sources predict that the procurement demand in the end consumer market will not show signs of sharp recovery in the short term.

It is expected that in the coming week, some white fused alumina production enterprises with inventory pressure may slightly lower the price of products, by about 50 yuan/ton.

2. Brown Fused Alumina

This week, due to the early warning of heavy pollution, the operating rate of brown fused alumina enterprises in Yichuan, Dengfeng and Jiaozuo of Henan Province is still at a low level. Since entering the autumn and winter, the early warning of heavy pollution has become a key factor restricting the operating rate of upstream and downstream enterprises in the brown fused alumina industry in China.

In addition, the supply of the high-grade bauxite during the northern heating season in China is expected to be tight and the price is firm. It is expected that the market price of China's brown fused alumina abrasives will remain stable in the coming week.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

Recently, after the production of black silicon carbide original block producers in Gansu has resumed production, the output has rapidly recovered to the conventional level of last year, and the market supply has continued to grow.

Considering that some production enterprises need to withdraw funds before the Spring Festival, in the case of increased competition pressure in the industry, the price of black silicon carbide original block has dropped by about 100 to 200 yuan/ton in the past month, and the price of granular sand products has also been lowered.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, the production cost of green silicon carbide remained stable, the market performance was stable, and the inventory pressure of production enterprises was relatively small. It is expected that the price of China's green silicon carbide products will continue to operate smoothly in the coming week.

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