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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (20th -26th May): WFA Price Still Expected to Rise

This week, China's alumina oxide market price continued to rise, and the market price of white fused alumina also went up. Based on future alumina oxide prices or market expectations that will continue to increase, downstream customers in the industry have begun to actively purchase white fused alumina. Affected by this, it is expected that the market price of white fused alumina will increase slightly in the coming week.

This week, the operating rate of brown fused alumina production enterprises in Henan and Guizhou areas was relatively stable overall. Although the environmental inspection has not weakened, after many environmental protection renovations and equipment upgrades, the industry has reached the environmental inspection standard as a whole, and the normal production of the enterprise will not be greatly affected in the future.

In addition, the shortage of high-quality bauxite market supply is still an important factor restricting the price trend of brown fused alumina in China. With the commencement of the work of “closed more than 1000 non-coal mines with safe production conditions in 2019”, the shortage of raw materials for bauxite may be further aggravated. It is expected that in the coming week, due to the high cost of raw materials, the market price of brown fused alumina will remain high.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

This week, the price of black silicon carbide has been adjusted for the first two weeks. There is no further downward driving force. It is expected that the price of black silicon carbide in China will remain stable in the coming week. In addition, as China's steel industry is about to enter the traditional demand peak season, this will also help boost the market turnover of black silicon carbide.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, China's green silicon carbide market price is still strong, the mainstream market price of green silicon carbide block is around USD 1244.93-1259.41/ ton. With the news of the resumption of production of Xinjiang enterprises, I believe that the problem of shortage of market supply will be obtained in the future. Further relief.

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