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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (21-27 FEB): Silicon carbide materials price increases

This week, with the slowdown of environmental protection control in northern China, alumina oxide suppliers in Shandong and Henan Province and other places have resumed production gradually. In the meanwhile, as the epidemic control in Guangxi Province has been gradually lifted and production of alumina oxide has also resumed. The supply of alumina market has increased sharply, and prices have begun to fall. The price of raw material alumina has declined, and the support for the price of white fused alumina has also weakened. It is expected that the price of white fused alumina may run weakly and steadily in the next week.

Recently, some bauxite enterprises in Shanxi Province have resumed production, but the resumption time is short, and they may stop production again after March 1, while the control in Xiaoyi area is stricter and has been in a state of suspension. Overall, there is still a small amount of inventory in the local bauxite market, but the grade is low. Enterprises can only give priority to supplying some products for old customers, and it is difficult to arrange new orders. Some enterprises continue to increase the product quotations of high-grade bauxite raw ore and cooked bauxite.

This week, due to stable downstream demand and firm production costs, most brown fused alumina manufacturers kept their product price steady. In addition, with the recent slowdown in environmental protection control, some brown fused alumina enterprises in Henan and Shanxi Province have resumed production temporarily, but it is expected that production may be suspended again from March 1. It is expected that in the next week, the price of brown fused alumina may run strongly.

This week, affected by the rising production costs, the prices of black silicon carbide in Tianzhu and Ningxia areas of Gansu Province, have also risen. At present, the black silicon carbide market is hot, and the supply is in short supply. It is expected that the price of black silicon carbide may continue to rise in the next week.

This week, supported by rising production costs and raw block prices, most green silicon carbide enterprises continued to raise the price. In view of the increase in production costs, it is expected that the price of green silicon carbide may remain the upward trend unchanged in the coming week.

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