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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (28th October-3rd November): WFA Price Drops Slightly

This week, due to the early warning of atmospheric heavy pollution in Henan and Shandong, the white fused alumina smelting enterprises in the two provinces have restricted production or stopped production. Despite this, due to the weak demand in the downstream abrasives market, spot market transactions have been slow. The price of white fused alumina has dropped slightly, by about 50 yuan /ton.

Since 2019, due to the impact of the global economic downturn, China's brown fused alumina domestic and foreign market demand continued to weaken, until the fourth quarter did not show signs of significant warming, which has played a role in inhibiting the price of brown fused alumina. However, considering the factors such as the control of heavy pollution weather in northern China in winter, the operating rate of brown fused alumina production enterprises may be difficult to be insured, which also supports the stability of brown fused alumina prices to a certain extent. It is expected that the changes in the above two factors will determine the trend of brown fused alumina prices in the coming week.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

This week, China's black silicon carbide market price has slightly weakened. After the recent production recovery in Gansu, the company has accumulated some stocks. Towards the end of the year, some black silicon carbide producers are promoting shipments and payment collection,the price has been slightly reduced, with a decline of about 30-40 yuan / ton. However, it is worth noting that because the current price of anthracite is still high, the price of black silicon carbide will continue to play a role. It is expected that the price of black silicon carbide market will fall further in the coming week.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, the market price of green silicon carbide original block, granular sand and fine powder was running smoothly. In addition, due to the continuous decline in temperature, Xinjiang Green Silicon Carbide Smelting Enterprise is scheduled to stop production by mid-January.

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