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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (2nd-8th Dec): BFA Factories Halt Production In Henan

On December 4, Zhengzhou and Luoyang in Henan Province successively issued early warnings of severely polluted weather, and local industrial enterprises implemented a policy of limiting production as required. At present, Zhengzhou and the surrounding areas have installed online monitoring systems in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection departments, to make sure limited and cutoff production policies must be strictly implemented.

In addition, due to sluggish downstream demand in the industry and relatively sufficient spot supply in the market, the market for white fused alumina has been slow, and prices have shown a slight downward trend.

Earlier this week, mining operations in Guizhou Province resumed and local smelters factories resumed production. In the previous period, most of the brown fused alumina blocks produced in Guizhou were sold to the Henan region. However, due to the recent announcement of heavy pollution weather warnings in Henan, local brown fused alumina processing enterprises have stopped production on a large scale and for a long time, and the order volume has begun to decrease.

On Wednesday, Luoyang area launched a red alert for severely polluted weather, and local brown fused alumina smelting and sand-making enterprises stopped production on a large scale. The control period is tentatively to continue until December 10. At present, due to the long-term suspension of brown corundum granulating enterprises in Yichuan area, local brown fused alumina block market sales have been blocked, and some companies' inventory has increased.

It is expected that in the coming week, the price of China's brown fused alumina will remain weak and stable due to cost support and the low operating rate of enterprises.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

This week, the overall performance of China's black silicon carbide abrasive market is stable. Although some companies in Gansu Province are showing signs of price competition in order to promote sales, high-quality black silicon carbide abrasive products in the market are less affected and prices remain firm.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, the production cost of green silicon carbide in China is stable, the sales volume of production enterprises is stable, and the pressure on inventory is also small. It is expected that the price of green silicon carbide in China will continue to be stable in the coming week.

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