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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (5-11 DEC): Alumina prices continue to rise

This week, as alumina prices continued to rise, most white corundum producers in China raised the price by about 50 yuan/ton, and the white fused alumina export prices were also raised. It is expected that in the coming week, as China further eased its Covid restrictions, the resumption of production in the abrasive industry enterprises may result in picking up demand, and white fused alumina prices or will continue to run strong.

As China's abrasives enterprises resume operation in succession, the market may encounter the downstream growth. It is expected that in the coming week, brown fused alumina prices will be stable.

Due to the shift in China’s Covid policy, as well as the stockpiling activity before Spring Festival holiday, the downstream market demand may be enhanced. Supported by high production costs, black silicon carbide prices continue to run stable.

Despite the sluggish demand in the downstream market, most green silicon carbide producers in China continued to stabilize their product offers, supported by the high price of the raw material petroleum coke.

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