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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (5-11 JUN): Downstream demand remains weak

According to Antaike research, as of June 9, 2023, China's alumina spot index is RMB 2837/ton, the national average price of alumina is RMB 3033/ton. Alumina prices stopped falling and stabilized.

This week, affected by the weak downstream market demand, white corundum abrasive enterprises are engaging in price war. If the raw material alumina prices go further down, the drop in white fused alumina prices will be inevitable. Considering that this week's alumina prices have stopped falling and stabilized, it is expected that in the coming week, China's white fused alumina prices will run weakly.

With the continued shortage of high-grade bauxite raw ore, its price is also rising day by day. In addition, under the pressure of the lower price of white fused alumina, the price of brown fused alumina may continue to go down. It is expected that in the coming week, there will be a high possibility of a downward trend in the price of brown fused alumina.

Affected by low market demand in both home and abroad, China's black silicon carbide producers continue to cut product prices. As the industry market may not improve significantly in the short term, it is expected that in the coming week, black silicon carbide abrasive may continue to run weakly and steadily.

In May, the domestic petroleum coke market showed a first up and then down situation. Looking ahead to June, the domestic petroleum coke supply and demand contradiction is to ease, and market sentiment is relatively stable. In order to cope with the impact of fluctuations in raw material prices, it is expected that China's green silicon carbide producers will stabilize product offers to keep the market running smoothly.

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