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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (6-12 July): Raw material alumina price soared by 200 RMB/ton

Recently, due to the weak demand in the downstream market, although the price of raw material alumina continues to rise, the price of white fused alumina in China has remained stable. But in this week, the price of alumina market soared by about 200 yuan/ton compared with last week. According to information from Antaike on July 10, the alumina quotation shows that China's alumina spot index is 2441 RMB/ton, and the national average alumina price is 2382 RMB/ton, which continues to show an upward trend. The raw material for white aluminium oxide is non-metallurgical alumina, and the price has risen by nearly 200 RMB/ton this week.

Affected by the production cost, on July 13th, the prices of white fused alumina blocks and grains in Shandong and Henan areas also rose slightly, with the increase rate around 50 RMB/ton. It is expected that the price of white fused alumina may enter a price increase mode in the coming week.

At present, there are differences in the prices and supply and demand of bauxite mines in Henan, Shanxi, and Guizhou respectively, and the competition of the three production sites to seize market share is also fierce. This week, some areas in Henan have lowered the price of brown fused alumina by about RMB 100 per ton. It is expected that the price of brown fused alumina will continue to fall in the coming week, and the market is on the sidelines.

This week, despite the high inventory and few transactions, China's black silicon carbide manufacturers have been supported by stable costs and have no intention of lowering prices. It is expected that the price of black silicon carbide abrasives in China will remain stable in the coming week.

This week, due to sluggish demand in the downstream market, China's green silicon carbide market transactions remained sluggish. However, producers insisted on keeping prices, so that the price of green silicon carbide remained stable.

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