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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (6-12 SEP): White fused alumina price lifted to new HIGH

This week, the price of raw material alumina has skyrocketed. According to industry sources, some white fused alumina manufacturers in Henan have purchased raw material alumina at a price of more than RMB 3,550/ton. The rapid increase in alumina prices has brought many uncertainties to the price changes of white corundum.

Some white corundum manufacturers also said that as alumina prices continue to rise, they are now afraid to stock up easily. After all, the price of alumina is currently skyrocketing, but there is uncertainty about whether there will be a sharp fall in the later period and when it will fall. As white corundum production companies are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, their ability to resist risks is relatively weak. If high-priced raw materials are used for production now, the manufacturers may face the risk of serious losses at any time.

It is expected that in the coming week, white corundum spot market supply may be further tightened, and price is expected to keep rising.

This week, due to the recent increase in the price of white fused alumina, it has now surpassed the price of brown fused alumina. It is expected that in the coming week, supported by the raw material prices and the pulling effect of the rising price of white fused alumina, most of the brown fused alumina manufacturers may take advantage of the trend to further increase the prices.

Affected by rising raw material prices, black silicon carbide manufacturers generally raised their product quotations this week. Although the current market transactions are still deserted, manufacturers generally tend to hold the price. It is expected that in the coming week, the price of black silicon carbide may maintain a slight upward trend.

This week, supported by rising raw material prices, most green silicon carbide manufacturers have successively raised their product quotations, but market transactions have been deserted. As the price of raw materials is still rising, green silicon carbide manufacturers are currently hold the price firm. It is expected that in the coming week, green silicon carbide prices may have room for further increases.

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