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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (6-13 FEB): Suppliers make tentative raise in material prices

According to Antaike research, as of February 10, 2023, China's alumina spot index was 2,932 yuan/ton, and the national average price of alumina was 3,155 yuan/ton, with alumina prices continuing to rise slightly.

This week, supported by the price of raw material alumina, several white fused alumina producers in China slightly raised the quotations by around 50 yuan per ton to test the downstream market response. It is expected that in the coming week, affected by downstream demand, downstream customers may hold wait-and-see attitude towards the price increase, and China's white fused alumina prices or will continue to run stable for now.

This week, the operation rate of China's brown corundum production enterprises is generally not high. Starting from 2023, brown fused alumina enterprises in Guizhou have been facing a new challenge. Price in raw material of bauxite has been increasing, and at the same time, the preferential electricity policy was cancelled in some area, which furtherly pushed up the production costs, leading the brown fused alumina prices to be similar with that in Henan. It is expected that the future price difference between the two places will gradually narrow.

Supported by the high production cost, brown fused price is supposed to continue to run stable.

Influenced by the increase of petroleum coke, electricity prices, some black silicon carbide manufacturers intend to raise product offers. It is expected that in the coming week, constrained by the current weak market demand, China's black silicon carbide prices may still in stable operation.

This week, taking into account the low downstream demand but high production costs, most China's green silicon carbide producers hold stable product offers. It is expected in the coming week, green silicon carbide prices may be a stable trend running.

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