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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (8-14 MAY): Market sees the competitions intensify

Recently, there has been an increase of manufacturers that reduced production for overhauling, which led to a small decline in regional supply. However, compared with the gradual release of new production capacity, it will not change China aluminum’s oversupply situation. In addition, the demand side is in slow recovery, and the downstream has strong willingness to lower the price. It is expected that domestic alumina prices will be put in a downward pressure. Affected by the price trend of alumina, China's white fused alumina prices or will continue to run weak and stable.

This week, domestic market demand for brown fused alumina is still weak, while some enterprises sales competition is fierce, and the market may remain weak.

China's black silicon carbide prices continue to run on a downward trend this week, some companies slightly cut down the price by about 200 yuan per ton for promoting.

Since this year, dominated by the fundamentals of supply exceeding demand, the petroleum coke market has shown a significant downward trend. In the future, with the decrease in production capacity and import volume, coupled with the recovery of downstream demand, the current contradiction between supply and demand will be effectively eased, and the petroleum coke market may see in a rebound in June to August. Affected by the downward trend of raw material prices this week, China's green silicon carbide prices are in weak and stable operation.

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