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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (8-14 NOV): Market supply is gradually recovering

1. White Fused Alumina

According to Antaike's research, as of November 12, China’s alumina spot index was RMB 4,040 /ton, and the national average alumina price was RMB 4,048/ton. The price of alumina continued to drop, and its support for the cost of white corundum weakened.

In the meantime, the operation rate of white corundum production enterprises in Chiping area of Shandong continued to increase, and the market spot resources gradually increased. It is expected that in the coming week, in view of the current wait-and-see sentiment in the market, the price of white fused alumina may be weak and stable.

2. Brown Fused Alumina

This week, as some brown fused alumina manufacturers in Guizhou and Henan resumed production, the supply of brown fused alumina has recovered, and the spot supply on the market has increased significantly. In addition to the loosening of white fused alumina prices, some of the brown fused alumina manufacturers started to cut prices for promotion, and the price of brown fused alumina fell.

However, considering that the production cost of brown fused alumina is still strong, and the company is concerned about the operation stability after entering the winter heating season, manufacturers still intend to maintain product price stability and has no intention of further reducing sales. It is expected that in the coming week, the price of brown fused alumina may be weak and stable.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

As the work resumption of black silicon carbide manufacturers in Tianzhu, Gansu increased in this week, as well as the decline in the price of anthracite, the local black silicon carbide price has dropped significantly, and the price of black silicon carbide in Ningxia has also fallen accordingly. However, it is worth noting that due to factors such as the increase in electricity prices in Ningxia, there has been a certain degree of difference in the prices of black silicon carbide in Gansu and Ningxia. In view of the current cold market transactions, it is expected that in the coming week, the price of black silicon carbide may be further adjusted.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

This week, with the recent price cuts of raw materials, the support of green silicon carbide production costs has weakened. The willingness of downstream abrasives companies to refuse high-priced purchases has gradually increased. The wait-and-see sentiment in the market has continued to increase, and some companies have cut prices for sales. It is expected that in the coming week, the price of green silicon carbide may adjust downward.

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