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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (9th -15th September): Market Demand Drops To Half

This week, the white fused smelting and processing factories in the Xiangyang and Shangjie areas of Henan Province have all stopped production. The Shandong Liaocheng white fused alumina production enterprise has implemented a limited production of 50% due to limited power supply, so the market spot supply has been greatly reduced. Supported by a sharp drop in spot supply, the market price of white fused alumina remained stable.

Recently, the high production costs have become the main factor supporting the price of brown fused alumina abrasive products. The weak demand in the downstream market has led to stocks of brown fused alumina production enterprises. Some small enterprises have chosen a small price reduction promotion in order to quickly withdraw funds, but the market price of brown fused alumina abrasives remains stable.

The current severe market situation is forcing the brown fused alumina industry to make further improvements in cost control and product quality improvement. The concept of “malicious price competition” is gradually being abandoned by industry companies. It is expected that the market price of brown fused alumina will be weak and stable in the coming week.

3. Black Silicon Carbide

This week, more than 13 black silicon carbide producers in Gansu Province have resumed production, and the market supply has increased substantially. It is expected that the price of China's black silicon carbide market will decline in the coming week.

4. Green Silicon Carbide

Recently, due to the strong demand for green silicon carbide micropowder in the field of polishing application and semiconductor industry, the enthusiasm and operating rate of domestic green silicon carbide production enterprises have further increased. In addition, due to tight supply, it is expected that the price of China's green silicon carbide micropowder will continue to rise in the coming week, by about 500-1000 RMB/ton.

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