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China Abrasive Materials Weekly Price (Jun29-Jul5): WFA price does not rise, BFA price does not fall

Recently, although the market price of raw material alumina has increased by nearly 100 RMB/ton in the past two weeks, the price of white fused alumina in China has remained stable.

It is reported that white fused alumina smelting companies have purchased large quantities of alumina at low prices, so there is currently some inventory left for production and operation, so the price of white fused alumina will not follow the rise in alumina prices in the short term. However, the price of alumina has continued to rise recently, or it may further support and consolidate the price of white fused alumina. The market outlook for white fused alumina is stable.

This week, China's brown fused alumina export market is still sluggish. Some manufacturers report that sales in June this year were less than half of the same period last year. Some downstream customers even indicated to them that brown fused alumina stocks are still sufficient for 1-2 months of production, so there is no need to purchase in the near future.

Some brown fused alumina manufacturers believe that the current sluggish market situation will not be changed by price reductions, so they refuse to further reduce prices. It is estimated that in the next week, supported by production costs, the price of brown fused alumina in China may run steadily.

This week, affected by the weak market demand, China's black silicon carbide market has been slow in transactions and prices are weak and stable. However, due to no intention of further price reductions by manufacturers, it is expected that the price of black silicon carbide in China will remain stable in the coming week.

This week, due to weak demand in the downstream market and slow transactions, the price of green silicon carbide abrasives in China was weak and stable.

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